CertifiedMohel: Traditional Ritual Circumcision

Rabbi Langsam: 216-367-2747

About » Rabbi Langsam

Rabbi Sholom D. Langsam is a Certified Mohel. He was trained and certified by the Government Supervisor of Mohelim for the State of Israel at the Mohel Training Institute in Jerusalem.

Rabbi Sholom Langsam performs Bris ceremonies in Synagogues and private homes all along the West Coast. He is also available to travel beyond that area. He received his rabbinic ordination Graduated summa cum laude from Kollel Tiferes Menachem in Los Angeles, CA.

His Experience in the medical field includes:

  • NREMT, National Registry Emergency Medical Technician,
  • Emergency Medical Technician, California Certified
  • Misrad Habriut (Ministry of Health) & Rabbanut State of Israel Certified
  • Member HATZOLAH Crisis Response Team Los Angeles, California
  • ZAKA Intl. Rescue & Recovery, Tel Aviv, Israel, Certified MCI Rescue & Recovery Manager,
  • National Association of EMT’s, Ohio, Recognition Certificate for Advancement of Emergency Education in a Leadership role.

Rabbi Langsam uses autoclave sterilized instruments, and he utilizes the most modern sterilization techniques before, during and after the Bris. He combines meticulous surgical skill with sensitivity to the comfort of the child and his parents, making the Bris experience an enjoyable and memorable one. He is recommended enthusiastically by rabbis, physicians, and satisfied parents.